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Our Multi-disciplinary Team

Our service offers you the opportunity to see various specialists to ensure that you get the best treatment, safely - these specialists together are known as the multi-disciplinary team. The Whittington multi-disciplinary team members are as follows:

Position Name

Mr Pratik Sufi
Clinical Nurse Specialist Ms Kirsten McDougall
Bariatric Specialist Dietician Miss Lucy Jones
Mrs Ella Segaran
Bariatric Co-ordinator Mrs Lorna Antoine
Interventional and Bariatric Radiologist Dr Ben Timmis
Nutrition Physician Dr Anthony Leeds
Endocrinologist Dr Wing May Kong
Gastroenterologist Dr Deepak Suri
Dr Clive Onnie
Respiratory Physician Dr Louise Restrick
Cardiac Physician Dr David Brull
Anaesthetists and Intensivists Dr Chris Hargreaves
Dr Nick Harper
Dr Ahmad Ziyad
Dr Martin Kuper
Dr Andy Badacsonyi
Dr Khalid Rauf
Eating Disorders Psychiatrist Dr Shirabdi Jacobs
Dr Paul Robinson 
Dr Claire Gallagher
Plastic Surgeon Mr Stephen Hamilton
Obstetrician with bariatric interest Heulwen Morgan


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