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Surgical Solution for Morbid Obesity


  1. Managing obesity: A shared approach

    Focus on Primary Care - a collaborative approach to the preparation, management and aftercare of patients undergoing Bariatric Surgery

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  2. Managing Obesity in PAEDIATRICS: A Shared Approach

    Annual GP Symposium
    Saturday 24th October 2009
    Royal College of Physicians, 11, St. Andrews Place, Regents Park, NW1 4LE
    The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth
    60 Grove End Road, St. John's Wood
    London, NW8 9NH

    Tel: 020 7806 4047

  3. Supporting patients through the bariatric surgery process and beyond
    • Identifying patients for who bariatric surgery is the best option and managing them through the referral process
    • Examining best-practice for patient management when surgery is not an option
    • Assessing what should be taken into consideration when balancing effectiveness with cost of treatment
    • Managing patient expectations and supporting them psychologically through the surgery process and lifestyle changes it brings
    • Developing an effective care plan for patients post-surgery
    • Providing comprehensive follow-up services for patients who have had private treatment

Transforming Obesity Strategy

Developing innovative, effective and appropriate prevention and treatment programmes in a difficult financial climate 20th January, Central London

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