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Surgical Solution for Morbid Obesity
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What happens at the first appointment?

Your surgeon will take a full medical history, finding out about your background and eating habits. He will explain the obesity surgery assessment process and also outline the different types of surgery available, explaining the pros and cons of each. . He will also ensure that you are fit to undergo surgery and an anaesthetic. You may be informed of a weight loss target to achieve before surgery, to reduce your risks at surgery.

Tests to assess fitness:

Some patients are at a higher risk of developing complications during or after surgery due to pre-existing illness. You may be referred for

  • Sleep studies – if you are at risk of stopping breathing when you are drowsy
  • Respiratory function – if you have breathing difficulty from lung diseases
  • ECHO, ECG, Stress study or Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing – if you are at risk of developing a heart attack, heart failure or other heart disease
  • Endoscopy – if you have a history of significant acid reflux or upper gastro-intestinal risk
  • Anaesthetic review – to assess your fitness for an anaesthetic
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